Swimming lessons for adults
Teaching adults swimming

We are teaching adults swimming. It is more difficult than to teach children. The adults that can not swim have both muscular and psychological stereotypes which prevent a teach- and- learn process.

And nevertheless the technique used in our work allows to solve this problem successfully. Very few people are questioning "Why do people that can not swim rarely speak about it?"

The answer is obvious: they are afraid that their friends and acquaintances will laugh at them, in fact the people that can swim can hardly understand the problems of a person who is afraid of water since childhood.

The one who is not afraid of being laughed at - is afraid to sink. And it can really happen – the nature is wise – the person is saved by the sense of self-preservation. Swimmer

To teach how to make movements properly, how to breathe in the water properly, to change the cautious attitude towards the water, finally to teach swimming - these are the tasks of our center.

Quite often many pseudo-experts with diplomas of coaches offer their services to people that can not swim, thinking it is easy to make a person swim. But, unfortunately, such teachers forget about psychological aspect which causes all the failures of a trainee.

It leads to such a situation that after 3-4 trainings the coaches do not know how to continue training the person who is not able to make even the most primitive movements in the water.

As a result the coach is searching for a problem in the trainee, the person that can not swim quits his unrealizable dream to master swimming and for a long after that considers himself absolutely not capable to learn.

Actually, it is possible to teach anybody - this is our professional motto.

It is only necessary to have a scientifically proved technique and a many years' practice. It is what we can definitely be proud of, because our center has already trained more than 5 thousand clients.

«Who are those people?» – you will ask. They are the Russian citizens and foreigners (the French, German, Syrian, Cuban, etc.), people of different religions, ages, social groups and professions: from ordinary clerks up to diplomats and banks owners.

But in the beginning they had one common problem - an old non-realized dream: to jump into the water and to swim. Each of them was given such an opportunity. Their fear has overgrown into the love for water.

How did we manage to do it? Only the intensive joint action, talent of the coach and many years' experience have helped to break a barrier that could not allow people become a little happier for so long. Certainly, efforts of a trainee are necessary also.

New affair causes new difficulties. But... Have you ever seen the eyes of the people who have overcome the first swimming distance for the first time over the long period? It is something special -it is worth while spending the time and efforts on it. Swimmer

Our course is meant for 12 trainings on which you will surely master breast stroke- the easiest style to learn. After that it is possible to improve the technique and to learn other styles: crawl, on a back style, butterfly, free style.

If we are speaking about the financial side of a matter we would like to note right away that our program is available to absolutely everybody- both to people of a middle class income and people with high income and training is held both in groups and individually.

Do not forget about the following vacation period! If you are tired of constant staying on the shore- you are welcome to call to our center!


Yours faithfully,
the head and the leading coach of «Mevis-1» center
the master of sports in swimming, Konstantin Vladimirovich Vorobyov


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